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  • Community Events

    Nickel Bag of Funk and first Friday on the River
    9-5-15 11:00 am - Savannah Yoga Barre
    Savannah Social

    Let's go do first Friday fireworks with a great band!

    Let's Walk and Enjoy Coffee
    9-5-15 11:00 am - Savannah Yoga Barre
    Coffee Shops & Powerwalks

    Yes, it's a holiday weekend. If you're in town, come walking and then we'll relax with a cup of coffee. See you there!

    Stop Worrying, Start Living
    9-5-15 11:00 am - Savannah Yoga Barre
    Meditation and Buddhism in Savannah

    There are many uncertainties in this life. When we naturally respond with worry, our mind becomes tight and uncomfortable and it can be difficult to think clearly or enjoy anything. In this half day course, we will learn to replace worry with...

  • Community Events

    There are no events scheduled for Tybee Island, GA at this time.